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wscf.lightblue makes it easier for developers to generate code from WSDL and XSD files.
Its a Visual Studio Add-In that wraps SvcUtil.exe.
The project does the same thing, but it doesn't supports reusing types from referenced assemblies.
Developed in C#, VS 2010.

Why not make a patch to the project instead of making a new project?

Excellent question!
I took a crack at making a patch for but I got stuck. The problem is that I need to use CodeDomProvider.GenerateCodeFromCompileUnit() in order to support reusing referenced assemblies. uses CodeDomProvider.GenerateCodeFromNamespace() in order to produce separate code files. I can't figure out how to introduce reusing referenced assemblies and still produce separate code files. Personally, I can live without separate code files, but someone else might be fond of that feature. Therefore, I gave up on the patch and made wscf.lightblue. Any input on how to converge the two projects will be highly appreciated.

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